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Elevator (2010) : Chapter 1

by Queenie Chan

(14 pages)
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creator iconE-book available in .epub format!

Sep 15, 2010

I've been experimenting with e-books, and this story is available for download in .epub format. It's an open format, readable on your PC/Mac and by all e-readers (except the Kindle). It's also DRM-free. Download it here. Feedback appreciated.

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From mss.sarnblad

Sep 19, 2010

im so excited for this!!!


Elevator (2010)

Chapter 1 : Page 1

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News from Queenie Chan

creator"Sister Holmes: The Nun in the Bar" Up!

Mar 27, 2011

Here's something written for the 2011 Bento Comics Sherlock Holmes anthology. It's about Sister Holmes - the Detective Nun! If you're wondering what possessed me to re-write "Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson" as "Sister Holmes and Father Watson", it's because I felt that people aren't "re-inventing" Sherlock Holmes enough. Certainly, so perfect a character, starring in such perfect stories, needs not a steampunk face-lift but a completely unexpected (but similar) main character!

Sister Holmes spends her spare time solving mysteries, and lives with Father Watson in a small Chapel on 221 Baker St, two doors down from the Cake Decorators' Society.


creator"Elevator" Up!

Sep 15, 2010

Here's something done for the 2010 Bento Comics Halloween anthology. It was a story I started in 2006, but just lost momentum and never got to finish it. Now that it's in its finished form, it's about twice the original length. I guess I feel the original story wasn't properly padded out.

As usual, you can download the e-book on the first page of the comic.

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