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Stories by Leisl Adams

thumbSherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Left Sock

by Leisl Adams

Sherlock Holmes uses his significant skills as a detective to solve a case in his own home.

thumbEnergy Square

by Leisl Adams

Need to cut down on energy costs? Now's the time to cut down on power with energy efficient appliances from Energy Square!

thumbHobby Horse

by Leisl Adams

A toy horse in the local park has a mind of its own that gets it into trouble!

thumbStroke With Fur

by Leisl Adams

Ever wonder why Cats don't like having their tails touched?

thumbPlanet Cake

by Leisl Adams

A cream filled Space Opera.

thumbThe Very Short Story of Mr. Chaos

by Leisl Adams

The rise and fall tale of a Demon with too much power.

creator portrait

Leisl Adams

Leisl's long and sordid job history includes everything from police volunteer, to film animation, to cake decorating. But through it all one thing remains - her love of comics. Awwww!



News from Leisl Adams

My Sherlock Holmes tale

Apr 16, 2011

I am a humongous Sherlock Holmes fan, so I hope everyone enjoys my new short. It's actually a bit of an intro to a longer story I have in mind that perhaps I will do someday!


Energy Square

Sep 12, 2010

Here's a little ditty I started a few years ago called Energy Square. It was originally started for a charity children's anthology that didn't work out, and so was left on the shelf for a bit. I finally decided to finish it in time for Bento's Halloween themed anthology.

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