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Stories by Tacto

thumbPumpkin Halloween

by Tacto

a Halloween night story

thumb"A" for effort Valentine

by Tacto &

Valentine gone wrong...


by Afterhours Circle, Dee DuPuy & Tacto

It's 2080 and they've been here 10 years.

thumbHello, World

by Afterhours Circle, Dee DuPuy & Tacto

Something woke up just the other day in Queens amid the ruins of the 1964-65 World's Fair.

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Tacto is a compulsive comics/manga reader who lives in Atlanta and draws stuff.



News from Tacto

Sakuracon 2012

May 21, 2012

Hi everyone!

Somewhat belated, but here it is, our Seattle experience this year! :D
BentoComics did have a table at Sakuracon in the ArtistAlley for the second year in a row. This time we had 4 anthologies with us (Peter Pan and the language of the Dead, Sherlock Holmes, Poison Candy and Journeys) as well as Simon Sues vols 1 and 2 and color prints. Myung and I had a really good time at the table (a cold aside), mostly drawing commissions the whole time (which meant, sadly, that we didn't see much of the con itself).
Props to con organizers who did a good job (aside some table name mess-ups..) and to the Convention Center's Kinko's people who faced the con insanity and demand with bravery and good will :D
Personally, I learned a few new things: like "mind in the gutter" does NOT mean that one is tired and confused and that you cannot say "you look dubious" to someone who looks doubtful.. Yay for English as not first language...
We got to hang out with some friends/comrades in arms and celebrated the end of the con at an awesome thai place (the name of which was washed from my mind by their excellent mojito..)
If you stopped by our table, big thanks and hugs and we hope to do it again next year! :D


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