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what is bento comics?suzi sushi is a growing archive of rarely-seen short stories from top comics creators that allows you to

– easily browse, search, and read comics on the site

– collect your favorites into custom anthologies

– store and refine your choices in a personal 'Library'

– create and order your own printed anthology through

BentoComics allows you to choose only the stories YOU want, when and how you want them. New stories are added to the site frequently. Read as many as you like! Then, when you're ready to add your favorites to your bookshelf, assemble and order your one-of-a-kind, printed anthology.

who is

suzi sushi is created, coded and maintained by the In The Attic 6. We're a group of artists, programmers and designers who got tired of waiting for traditional publishers to deliver the comics anthologies we love to buy and read and so decided to MAKE OUR OWN, DAMMIT.

The system we built allows us to showcase content from our favorite creators in one easy-to-browse location; it's an easy way for us to print books for sale at the cons we attend during the year, AND it makes it simple and fun for the comics-reading public to assemble and buy books consisting of only the creators and content THEY want to buy.


how bento comics works
suzi sushi

Read comics

Browsing and reading comics on is both simple and free. Stories are searchable and sortable by creator, keyword, genre, age-group or last update. You can browse stories via the Titles page. Or check the Featured Stories page to see what's new!

Interact with creators

Read news and updates directly from BentoComics creators. Creators can also leave making-of and behind-the-scenes info attached to their comics pages. Registering for an account allows you to leave comments and feedback for your favorite creators and on your favorite stories.

Make a printed book!

The real power of comes into play when you're ready to hold your favorite stories in your hands in your own personalized printed anthology. Collecting and organizing your choices into a unique book is done in your online 'Library'. You control the content, story order and cover for your book. When you're ready, will automatically send your book for printing through, letting you know via email when your book is ready to purchase and ship.

All BentoBooks are black-and-white interior with full color covers.


from browse to buy in 5 easy steps

step 1Create your account: select the REGISTER NOW! button and fill out your particulars.

step 2Collect stories. When you find a title you want to add to your book just click the "ADD TO BOOK" button on the stories' title page. Select as many stories as you like. Books can be from 32 to 740 pages in length. Create as many books as you like in your online Library and buy only those you want, when you want.

step 3From your Library, select the book you want to print and buy and click MAKE IT. Your stories are aggregated automatically and sent to the printer. We send you an email when it's ready.

step 4Simply follow the link in the email, or click the BUY IT button in your Library to purchase your book through BentoBooks are printed as a perfect-bound color-cover, black and white interior, at US$6.50/book + $.04/page.

(Lulu's standard cost is $4.50/book + $.02/page, and we add $2.00/book to cover the server and $.02/page to pay our creators.)

The price is calculated for you when your book is created so there are no surprises. Here are a few examples to give you an idea (as of Apr 2010):

  • a 32 page book will cost $7.78
  • a 64 page book will cost $9.06
  • a 100 page book will cost $10.50
  • a 150 page book will cost $12.50
  • a 200 page book will cost $14.50
  • a 300 page book will cost $18.50
  • a 400 page book will cost $22.50
  • a 500 page book will cost $26.50
  • a 600 page book will cost $30.50
  • a 740 page book will cost $36.10

Shipping charges will vary. More information on Lulu's shipping charges is here.

step 5If you don't have an account on, register to fill out your purchasing/shipping particulars.

That's it! You'll receive your book in the mail within's stated shipping period.


Thanks for your interest!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at webmaster at bentocomics dot com or visit the BentoComics forums.


PRESS RELEASE launches print-on-demand comics anthology site

Read bite-sized comics online for free. Then collect your favs into a one-of-a-kind printed book!

March 30, 2010 - is a creator-owned, creator-built anthology site showcasing little-seen works by comics pros. Read all the comics you want online for free! Then collect your favorites into a book which is automagically sent to for printing and shipping.

"This is the kind of thing that happens when you get a bunch of comics people together after a con, when they're all hyped up on ideas and sleep-deprivation," says Dee DuPuy, one of's founders. "We love comics anthologies, we cried, wringing our hands. Why don't publishers print more of them?? ARGH. Okay FINE, we'll do it ourselves!"

Over two years in the making, BentoComics has become a place where professional creators can showcase content you'd normally only find at a con artist's alley all year round. It allows fans to read new works and interact with creators online, leaving commentary and feedback. Finally, users can collect, have printed and buy the kind of fresh, always changing anthologies that we all love.

Currently with 18 stories from 9 creators including never-seen new work from YALSA's 2010 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list creator Svetlana Chmakova (Dramacon, Nightschool) and Queenie Chan (The Dreaming, Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas), has grown from a fun idea into a community we're very excited to share with the comics-making, comics-reading community!

bento book



BentoBooks, great with tea!
Gather stories from the site, collect and refine your choices in your personal "Library", then, when you're ready, the system sends your one-of-a-kind anthology to Lulu for printing and shipping.

Your own personal anthology! Choose just the stories and creators you want!


bento book


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